5 Ways To Reduce Fall Risk This Winter

5 Ways To Reduce Fall Risk This Winter

Simple ways to stay safe all winter long.

The winter season often brings together family, friends and good cheer during the holidays.

Though it’s also important to remember that throughout the winter the days are shorter and ice often forms on the sidewalks - meaning we’re all at an increased risk of falling.

Use the below list to ensure you are taking the proper steps to address any safety risks that might be inside or outside the home. 

#1 Invest in Lights

The sun sets earlier in the winter months so it's important to add extra light throughout the home. Extra bedside lamps, nightlights and exterior lights allow you to see where you are walking at all times.

And if you do notice areas of the home that are dimly lit you can always incorporate motion sensor lighting. These lights are our top recommended solution for increasing visibility, especially because they can be implemented anywhere in the home! Plus, not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they take the hassle out of searching for a light switch. 



#2 Clear Any Tripping Hazards

Many of us know the classic fall risk of throw rugs in the home but even still, many people have a variety of unsafe carpeting and other hazards within the home. 

During the winter months make sure all space heaters, cords, Christmas lights and blankets are cleared from your walkways. And for anything that needs to be left on the ground such as throw rugs, always secure them to the floor with rug tape. 


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#3 Invest in a Non-Skid Mat

While we suggest everyone have a non-skid mat outside their home throughout the year, it’s especially important in the winter months. These non-skid mats not only stay secure to the ground but can collect snow and water that you don’t want to track into the house. 

#4 Apply Traction Tape

One of the most common areas we see people experience a slip is often when walking down staircases or steps. This can be caused by uneven steps but even more likely it is caused by limited visibility.

If you notice your loved one struggling to navigate the stairs you might consider incorporating contrast tape or anti-slip traction treads that include a glow in the dark stripe - making it easier to see each individual step. 

#5 Wear Winter Shoes 

A simple way to reduce the risk of falling is to always wear proper footwear.  During the winter many of us will be walking through snow, slush and sometimes slippery black ice. 

One way to ensure you stay safe is to wear shoes with good traction or implement a snow attachment to your boots.  While no shoes can provide full traction, they can help to minimize the risk of falling. 

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