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Floor Safety: How Non-Slip Rugs Reduce Fall Risk

Learn how non-slip rugs reduce fall risk and easy ways to improve floor safety throughout the entire home.

Flooring may seem like a simple aspect of the home, but when it comes to safety and aging at home, proper flooring is vital. 

Many of us know the classic fall risk of throw rugs in the home but even still, many people have a variety of unsafe carpeting, rugs and bathmats within the home. These often lead to a higher increase of falling or slipping. 

And according to the CDC and recent studies, over 45% of all falls at home occur because of unsafe carpeting and rugs. So in this article we will cover how non-slip rugs reduce fall risk, what to know about improving floor safety and our most recommended solutions to ensure all rugs stay secure to the ground. 

Throw Out The Throw Rug

First, it’s important to notice any rugs in the home that might currently be dangerous to you or a loved one. If you find any rugs that currently slide across the floor, bunch up, are torn or have a rise from the floor - these are all signs that they’re a hazard and should be removed or replaced. 

One of the most common types of rugs that usually causes concern is the “throw rug”. And there is a reason we call them “throw rugs”, because you should throw them away! 

It’s very common for many homeowners, maybe even yourself, to have throw rugs throughout the home but it’s important to realize just how dangerous they can be. 

And why are they unsafe? The biggest reasons are that many throw rugs:

  • Lose their adhesive bottom: This can be a serious fall risk if the rug is not secure to the ground. By sliding around this leaves anyone in the home, regardless of age, vulnerable to slipping or falling backwards when they step onto the rug. 
  • Have a leading edge: If any of the rugs have a leading edge (some sort of rise off the ground) this can also lead to a higher risk of injury. This is especially true if one often shuffles their feet or uses a walker and isn’t always able to lift their foot off the ground to step onto the rug. 
  • Bunch up: Lastly, it’s important that no rug in the home bunches up. This not only creates an environment where the rug is practically useless but can also cause someone with poor balance to trip and fall. 

Throw rug or not, we suggest that if you have any rug within the home that is slippery or not secure to the floor you should immediately remove or replace the rug. 

And if you find rugs within the home that are unsafe but you don’t want to throw them all away, there are some great and simple solutions to ensure everything stays secure throughout the home

These solutions include: 

  • Double-sided Adhesive Rug Tape
  • Corner Rug Grippers 
  • Non-Slip Rugs 

How to Make a Rug Nonslip 

One of the easiest ways to improve floor safety is to apply what is known as rug tape. 

This tape is double-sided and easily applies to any rug (regardless of size) within the home. Most tapes available are heavy duty and specifically designed to make sure your rugs stay in place on every type of flooring - carpets, tiles, wooden floors and concrete.Giving you the ability to make both the inside and the outside of the home safer. 

In addition, this  tape can be a great solution if you want to forgo rug pads or corner grippers, which often are more noticeable within the home. 

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Does Rug Tape Work?

Yes it does! This is a common question from many homeowners and we can confidently say that rug tape works in all homes and on all types of flooring. 

Though, it is important to make sure you avoid any rug tape that is not durable or seems to have a weak adhesive. Choosing the incorrect type/brand can unfortunately lead to a great risk of injury in particular circumstances and be counterproductive to improving floor safety.

To help you choose the most durable rug tape for the home, here are two of the top rug tape brands. 

The Good Stuff’s Heavy Duty Rug Tape

What makes this rug tape a great solution, is that it’s suitable for all types of flooring - giving you the ability to apply to rugs both inside and outside the home. With an easy to apply process and extreme adhesive strength, you can rest easy knowing that your rugs will not only stay secure but your flooring will not be damaged either. 

Key Features: 

  • Every roll is 2” wide and 30 yards long - working for any rug size 
  • Suitable for hardwood floors, laminate flooring, carpets, stairs and stone flooring 
  • Includes laminate backing to make unraveling and applicant easier
  • Has 33% more gripping power than most other rug tapes


Meister’s Double-Sided XL Tape

If you are looking for floor safety tape that can work on large area rugs, then Meister’s Double Sided XL Tape is the best solution. 

This oversized tape secures area rugs within the home along with the ability to secure athletic maters and other home floor coverings in place - such as a grandchild's puzzle mat, roll-out mats or folding mats. 

Key Features: 

  • Roll is 50% wider & 50% longer than most double-sided tape 
  • Sticks to almost any surface -  including rubble and foam 
  • Easy application to improve floor safety in minutes 


Adding Grippers 

Another way to improve floor safety is by applying corner rug grippers throughout the home - if you have hardwood flooring. 

One of the nice things about corner grippers is that they only need to be applied to the, you guessed it, corners of the rug! Instead of sticking to your flooring, they have rubber material that grips onto the wood surface. And oftentimes they are easily washable. 

If you’re looking to implement corner rug grippers into the home, we recommend Gorilla Grip’s 16 Piece Adhesive Grippers for Rugs. 

They are designed with a strong and dual-sided adhesive grip, are easy to apply and because of their small size, stay hidden to provide a more seamless look. 

Key Features: 

  • Strong and dual-sided adhesive grip
  • Stays out of sight for a seamless look
  • Easy to apple and replace with a peel and stick gripper  
  • All grips can be used again by wiping down with a wipe cloth and reapplying once dry

Nonslip Rugs and Mats Throughout the Home 

Lastly, purchasing non-slip rugs is another great way to improve floor safety. 

And one of the biggest perks about the non-slip rug solution, is that these products are made for all areas of the home! You can now easily add non-slip solutions in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and even the outside of the home. 

If you are looking to learn more about non-slip rugs and mats, here are two of our top product recommendations. 

Yimobra’s Memory Foam Bath Mat

Specifically designed for the bathroom, Yimobras mat includes a variety of features that not just improve floor safety but also keep you comfortable. 

This bathroom rug is built with strong and durable PVC backing which helps to prevent any shifting and skidding when stepping onto or off of the rug. And it includes a soft microfiber layer that absorbs all moisture, making sure the rug does not get soaked or bunched. 

Key Features: 

  • Absorbent microfiber materials 
  • Memory foam padding 
  • Nonslip backing that doesn’t require any additional adhesives 
  • Machine washable 

Prioritizing Floor Safety

To conclude, there are many ways you can improve floor safety around the home. And regardless of your preference and the types of rugs you currently have there are ways to increase safety and avoid the risk of any falls. 

If you have any additional questions about the products recommended above, installation or other floor safety solutions, never hesitate to contact our Client Care Team. They would be more than happy top help you find the solution that works best for you. 

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