How Home Modifications Can Reduce Caregiver Burnout by 42%

How Home Modifications Can Reduce Caregiver Burnout by 42%

Learn which easy-to-implement solutions can improve safety and wellbeing at home.

Caregiver burnout is a reality for many. 

And although caring for a loved one is important work, that doesn’t mean caregiving can’t negatively impact your emotional, mental, social, financial and even physical health. 

Luckily, there is a solution to ease some of the common anxieties caregivers face. 

The reality is - Americans over the age of 65 are the fastest growing segment of the population. And many companies are beginning to move their efforts towards helping this demographic live longer, happier and more independent lives. 

Because of this, there are now more solutions than ever before that have made aging at home safer -  in fact reducing the hours of needed caregiving by nearly 42% per week

In the following article we will address three ways home modifications - products such as grab bars shower chairs or stairlifts -  can reduce caregiver burnout this summer. 

Improve Safety with Transfers

One of the most challenging tasks for a caregiver is often completing safe transfers. A transfer is when the person you care for either needs to sit up, down or get in and out of an environment. 

It’s any sort of movement that you’re assisting with. 

Some common transfers that are often difficult can include: 

  • Get in or out of a car 
  • Getting on of off the toilet 
  • Move from the shower into a wheelchair  

Performing transfers anytime can be challenging but this is especially true during the summer months when the temperature is warmer and you may find yourself tired from other activities in the sun. 

Transfers are physically taxing and depending on the height and weight of those you care for,  it's important to find ways to reduce overexertion or poor balance.

Some common home modifications that may help you minimize overexertion with transfers, can include: 

caregiver with a patient

Greater Peace of Mind

It can be worrisome that you might not be able to prevent every accident or injury from happening. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing to be “ on call” every moment of every day. And this is especially common during the summer months when you may be juggling additional responsibilities with your children or travel plans. 

A great way to minimize the anxiety (and the reality) of an accident happening is to implement as many home modifications as you can throughout the home. These modifications often can help: 

Prove additional support in the shower:

Minimize danger while utilizing the stairs: 

Increase independence with a variety of daily tasks:

Increased Independence Leads To Better Outcomes 

Lastly, home modifications can help those you care for by increasing levels of independence throughout the entire home. And if your loved one can experience more independence, the better the outcome for everyone. 

Ultimately, there is a wide variety of products that can be tailored to your loved one’s specific needs, budget and style. And depending on those factors, some or all of the home modifications recommended in this article may be important. 

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