How Smart Technology Can Help Older Adults Age Safer

How Smart Technology Can Help Older Adults Age Safer

The top smart technology products to reduce fall risk at home.

Modern technology has transformed the way we live our lives and has allowed all of us to do things that were once impossible.

And when it comes to older adults, and caring for them at home, this means a slew of new tools to support safe aging. 

From wearable devices that improve safety monitoring to virtual assistants that can help with basic tasks, there's no shortage of innovative ways to help older adults grow old at home.

And whether you're looking for smart technology for yourself or a loved one, the following technology devices are our top recommended products to support safe aging. 

Smart technology makes aging easier and safer


When it comes to cleaning the floors within your home, we need to bend over, kneel down and overall, use a lot of energy. For older adults maintaining a clean home takes longer to accomplish. That’s why we recommend implementing a  Roomba device to minimize the risk of falling.  

These vacuum devices are able to scan and navigate the home’s floor plan, moving around to clean up any dust or dirt on the ground. With the ease of a button they can be run automatically based on a schedule you set. 

Key Features Include: 

  • Delivers 10x power-lifting suction
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • Voice assistant integration
  • Ideal for homes with pets

Wireless TV Headphones

Age-related hearing loss can make watching television frustrating. That’s why wireless TV headphones can be a great solution to keeping the volume low and ensure an older adult can watch all the shows they love without distribution. 

For example, the TV Ears Digital headphones are specifically designed for older adults or those with hearing loss. These headphones can easily be connected to TV and volume can be controlled directly from the headset. 

Key Features Include: 

  • Analog and digital connections
  • 3.5, RCA and Digital connecting cables and power cord
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Background noise reducing foam ear tips

Google Nest

Google Nest is a great way to promote safety, ease common symptoms of aging especially for older adults living with chronic conditions. These nests can come with a variety of options including a smart doorbell, thermostat, door lock and door security cameras. By connecting all aspects of the Google Nest to a smart phone it makes it possible for older adults to check who’s at the door or even change the temperature of the room with a click of a button.  


A smart pill dispenser, such as Hero, allows you to load  medications and schedule the time and amount to be dispensed. This important device can be crucial to implement at home especially for older adults who are prescribed a variety of medications and/or who struggle to keep up with the required regiment.

Key Features Include:

  • Holds up to 90-day supply of 10 meds
  • Supports any pill size or shape
  • Fits all standard kitchen counters 

Smart Lighting

Lastly, installing smart lighting throughout the home has a variety of benefits. Not only does it reduce fall risk by eliminating the need for reaching for a light switch (most are voice activated) but by improving visibility can ensure your loved one doesn’t trip or slip during the night. 

We recommend Phillip’s LED Smart Button Light Bulb Kit

Key Features Include: 

  • Control up to 50 Hue lights without slowing your Wi-Fi
  • Voice activated
  • Can connect to your favorite smart home devices 

Receiving Assistance with Smart Technology 

If you’re worried about implementing smart technology at home or know your loved one may struggle with tech we recommend utilizing GoGoQuincy

GoGoQuincy, a trusted partner of Jukebox Health, is a 24/7 online support hub for caregivers and older adults who need assistance with their technology. And whether it’s accessing the internet, managing passwords, downloading apps on the phone or setting up your smart technology, GoGoQuincy is there to help. 

Through Jukebox Health you can receive 80% off their services. Just click here!


If you or a loved one are in need of smart home technology, there are many options to choose from. And remember: don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you need additional help finding smart technology for the home you can always contact our Client Care team who can further assist you. 

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