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Introducing Jukebox Health: A New Approach to Aging At Home

Learn how Jukebox Health is making aging at home a common-sense and cost-effective solution for older adults.

Americans over the age of 65 are the fastest growing segment of the population – living longer, healthier, more active lives than ever before.

The problem is that they’re doing so in housing that was never designed to accommodate their changing needs. In fact, 90% of older adults want to live independently in their own homes, but less than 6% of housing can support safe, independent living. 

At the same time the healthcare industry has recognized that better home environments drive improved health outcomes. Research and data have proven what we long suspected – that caring for your health starts at home. Even so, there continue to be few realistic options and even fewer resources to help families navigate the challenges of aging at home. 

For the past two years, our team has been working hard to bridge the gap between healthcare and the home, ultimately building a solution that can make aging at home a cost-effective and achievable goal. 

Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of that solution: Jukebox Health. 

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The Realities of Aging

While many of us are aware of the realities of growing older, we often don’t consider the impact aging will have on our ability to remain at home. Not until we are forced to make decisions about living arrangements for ourselves and our loved ones. 

For me, this moment came after my grandmother suffered a fall in her bedroom. My family tried to respect her wish to stay in her beloved home, but we were faced with a lack of information and couldn’t find anyone to provide a holistic approach to her safety. 

The result was a ripple effect on my grandmother’s health. She was left with no other safe choice but to leave the home and community she cherished. 

My family’s situation isn’t unique. 

The Jukebox Solution

Nearly everyone I speak with has a similar story about a friend or family member. It’s a reality of growing old, but perhaps it doesn’t have to be. With the right people, we can make sure that what happened to my grandmother doesn’t have to happen to anyone else. 

Building a company at the intersection of technology, healthcare and home services was never going to be easy, but I was lucky enough to team up with Seung Bak and Oren Shatken. Their stories are similar to mine, and their deep experience building and scaling companies in this space is unmatched. With prior exits to Anthem, Angi and Softbank, our team has access to a network of talent and resources that have been immensely helpful in delivering value to the families we serve. 

Since starting this business, we have worked closely with hundreds of older adults across the country. We have mediated hard conversations between family members and witnessed the dangerous measures people take to continue living independently, all to better understand how we can best serve families in their moment of need.

We dug deep to understand not just the complicated nature of home modifications but what people need from their homes as they age. 

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Off to a Great Start

Although this is just the beginning, Jukebox Health has already made a difference in the lives of older adults, more than we could have ever anticipated. 

When we took on our first project in Staten Island, we thought home modifications would help people stay safe (and they do). But they do much more to enhance the lives of those we serve! With every project we complete, we see older adults regain a sense of confidence and independence – ensuring that they can keep doing the things they cherish most. 

Our team is excited to unveil Jukebox Health and this exciting new chapter. We’ve seen what’s possible when we address health at home, and the results are transformative. If our mission resonates with you, we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Together, we can help people all across the country realize that their health starts at home. 

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