Say No to Suction Cup Grab Bars

Let's talk about suction cup grab bars. They are often found in Over The Counter (OTC) catalogs. These might appear convenient and budget-friendly, but they pose a significant risk due to their inability to attach to surfaces securely. Moisture tends to undermine their stability, potentially leading to dangerous situations. When it comes to grab bars, the safest route is having them professionally installed by a contractor, ensuring they meet safety standards and are securely fixed to the wall.Common Misconceptions About Suction Cup Grab BarsThe danger of suction cup grab bars is the narrative that they are just as secure as permanent, wall-mounted grab bars. This is a dangerous misconception for multiple reasons. Firstly, if installation isn't precisely executed on a fully clean and dry surface, it can easily lead to faulty attachment. Their adhesion can be inconsistent, particularly on surfaces like fiberglass, uneven textures, or tiles. That said, if the suction cup grab bar is installed correctly on a perfectly ideal surface, aggressive risks of detachment during use still stand. Suction strength deteriorates over time, especially in a bathroom where moisture and steam are present. Even if the bar was not placed in a bathroom, all environments with high humidity pose the same risks. Any water affecting the grab bars suction can, and often will, cause detachment, resulting in falls.Additionally, suction cup grab bars create a false sense of security. People may rely on them too heavily, especially individuals who have more severe mobility limitations. These people can easily fall victim to the habit of resting large amounts of body weight on the bar leading to a greater risk of fatal injury when the grab bar inevitably fails. Why Temporary Solutions Will Cost You More Money in The Long RunMany people hesitate to invest in permanent, reliable grab bars due to the initial cost of purchase and installation. However, opting for permanent grab bars often saves people money in the long run. As a home modification company, we frequently encounter a common scenario: Individuals express a desire to age in place, like the majority of older adults. However, they are misinformed about the essential measures that need to be taken to ensure their home is safe. Instead, they rely on cheap grab bars (like suction cup grab bars), slippery tiles or rugs, and inadequate lighting. Unfortunately, this often leads to falls and subsequent injuries, resulting in costly hospital bills and declining health. At Jukebox Health, we take our responsibility seriously in educating people about the importance of fall prevention through permanent home modifications. Investing in permanent safety solutions not only saves money but also provides peace of mind for residents and their families.Having addressed hazards and the cost of permanent solutions, we now see why chucking that suction cup grab bar out the window is probably in everyone's best interest. Below, we have listed some high-quality alternatives to suction cup grab bars.Occupational Therapist Recommended Grab Bar AlternativesRenter Friendly: Easy Mount Tub Rail These grab bars are a great way to make your bathroom more accessible without causing any damage, and the installation can be done in less than a minute. Instead of being installed into the wall like standard grab bars, these are placed on the tub's edge to provide extra stability when getting in or out. The two-handle grip allows the user to lower and lift themselves from the tub easily. This product is recommended for people who fear falling, impaired balance, limited leg strength, or Parkinson's.Stylish: Shampoo Shelf Grab Bar Nothing is better than a grab bar that goes incognito, maintaining aesthetics and making shower products easily accessible, all while providing needed support. If a grab bar can’t be incognito like this, many permanent grab bars on the market come in chrome, matte black, or wood finish to maintain a stylish feel. This product is recommended for people who fear falling, impaired balance, or limited leg strength.   Dual Function: Towel Rack Grab Bar This towel rack grab bar by Invisia is made with unique watertight material that prevents rusting and guarantees reliable support. And even better, it doubles as a stylish towel rack. This bar is made in 16” and 24” lengths and has four different finishes. Perfect to promote confidence and safety in the bathroom. This product is recommended for people with a fear of falling, impaired balance, limited leg strength, Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson's.  Small Spaces: Folding Grab Bar Made from PELD material, which is warm to the touch, this simple 18” folding grab bar is designed to provide additional support and stability. This grab bar does not rust, so it’s great for shower or toilet areas.Our team loves this grab bar because it has a no-pinch flange design, protecting fingers when moving up or down. This is a great option not only for bathrooms but bedrooms as well. This product is recommended for people with a fear of falling, impaired balance, limited leg strength, or hip/knee/back pain. The Jukebox Health Standard At Jukebox Health, we advocate for practical and secure home safety solutions. While OTC benefits offer a range of health-related products, choosing options that prioritize safety, functionality, and practicality is essential. By steering away from quick fixes and investing in more secure and appropriately installed safety products, individuals can live independently and confidently for the years to come.