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Bathroom Frequently Asked Questions

The bathroom is one of the least safe areas of the home due to a variety of factors. 

Factors can include the temperatures in the bathroom, the time of day one bathes or even incontinence causing one to rush to the bathroom. Further the bathroom environment is often wet, slippery, foggy after bathing and the surfaces are hard. 

Simple home modifications can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of falls in the bathroom. Not only do bathroom modifications reduce the risk of falls, but they are also designed to improve one’s overall level of independence in completing toileting, grooming and bathing tasks.

Losing independence in the bathroom can be a challenging reality to face. Luckily, there are many modifications designed to improve independence and ensure you or a loved one can stay safe while navigating the bathroom. 

Top modifications to consider:

• Shower Grab Bars
• Raised Toilet Seats
• Non-Skid Bath Mats

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