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Our expert team is here to find you solutions that will keep your loved one safe at home.

Why Home Safety Matters for Everyone


of family caregivers find their situation highly stressful


Americans provide care for an aging 
loved one

National Academies Press
1 in 4

adults are caring for an aging loved one while raising children


Why Work With Us


Our team combines the knowledge of licensed occupational therapists and installers to provide exceptional service.


We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the home is ready to support your loved ones’ needs.

High-Quality Products

Our collection of home safety products have been hand-picked by leading experts and are all proven to reduce fall risk.

Time Savings

We understand that caregiving is time consuming. We are here to take on the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

Our Process

1. Free safety checkup
A licensed occupational therapist will work with you to understand your needs and how you interact with your home environment.

2. Kick off your project
Based on our findings we will build a tailored safety plan that gives you the opportunity to hand select the products you want.

3. We take care of the rest
Your dedicated project manager will coordinate all the ordering, delivery, and professional installation of your products.

Solutions In One Convenient Place

Our comprehensive home safety checkup process provides you with:

  • A detailed list of safety and fall risks found throughout your loved one’s home
  • Expert-recommended product solutions to resolve all identified risks
  • Customizable product bundles

Meet Your Team of Experts

We work with a growing network of occupational therapists, client care experts, and vetted product installers who are ready to help you.

Top Rated
Hailey Calleja
Client Care Expert
Top Rated
Lindsey Butkus
Occupational Therapist
Top Rated
Noah Miller
Vetted Product Installer

Your Loved Ones Deserve The Best

We’ve helped hundreds of older adults improve their home safety, reduce fall risks, and increase their independence through thoughtful home modifications.

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Our team is ready to help you find the products that make aging at home safer.