For Myself

Find effective home safety solutions.

Work with a licensed occupational therapist to address risks, reduce falls and ensure a better future.

The Problem

Home safety impacts older adults significantly.

1 in 4

older adults will fall this year


of older adults desire to age at home


falls are the primary cause of injury-related death for those over 65


Our Solution

We handle everything–from evaluation to installation.

Home Evaluation by Occupational Therapists

Licensed occupational therapists work closely with each client to understand their needs and how they interact with their home environment.

Personalized Home Safety Reports

Based on our findings we build personalized safety plans that outline risks found and allow clients to hand-select the products they want.

Professionally-installed Home Modifications

Our team coordinates ordering, delivery, and scheduling installation. All projects are completed by our network of vetted & licensed installers.

Get a roadmap to your safety.

Our comprehensive home evaluation provides you with:

  • In-depth overview of health, safety, and wellness insights
  • A detailed list of safety and fall risks found throughout your home
  • OT-recommended product solutions to resolve all identified risks.

Meet Your Team of Experts

We work with a growing network of occupational therapists, client care experts, and vetted product installers who are ready to help you.

Top Rated
Hailey Calleja
Client Care Expert
Top Rated
Lindsey Butkus
Occupational Therapist
Top Rated
Noah Miller
Vetted Product Installer

Why choose to age at home

It's Your Home

We spend our lives making our homes unique and special. Take the necessary precautions to stay safe in your space.

It Preserves Independence

Our solutions empower adults to maintain their independence as they carry out daily activities with minimal assistance.

It's Cost-effective

Aging at home on average costs 80% less than other alternatives like assisted living and nursing homes.

It's Fast

Most home safety modifications can be installed in less than 7 days, without disrupting daily living activities.

Jukebox Health vs. Other Services

Jukebox Health

$1,500 avg, one-time

The average cost of a home modification project is around $1,500, with solutions starting as low as $25.

Assisted Living

$55,000 per year

The average annual cost of assisted living services in 2022 was $55k and continues to increase.

Nursing Homes

$94,000 per year

The national cost for nursing home services ranges between $94k and $108k annually.

Improving Health One Home at a Time

We’ve helped hundreds of older adults improve their home safety, reduce fall risks, and increase their independence through thoughtful home modifications.

Get matched with an expert to improve your home safety.

Our team is ready to help you find the products that make aging at home safer.