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Simplifying Independence
for Your Members

We offer benefits and care management programs that will keep your members safe, independent and healthy at home.

The Problem

Home safety is crucial for your members.

4 in 5

Falls involve a home safety hazard

Lytras et al. 2022

Of older adults fall again within 6 months of discharge

Hill et al. 2019

falls are the primary cause of injury-related death for those over 65


The Solution

We combine clinical expertise with technology to make homes safer.

Care Experience

Occupational Therapy-Led

Comprehensive Home Modifications

Vetted & Trusted Installers

SDoH & Health Equity Monitoring

Analytics & Integrations

Our Process

We handle everything from evaluation to installation.

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Home Evaluation by Occupational Therapists

Licensed occupational therapists work closely with each client to understand their needs and how they interact with their home environment.

Personalized Home Safety Reports

Based on our findings we build personalized safety plans that outline risks found and allow clients to hand-select the products they want.

Professionally-installed Home Modifications

Our team coordinates ordering, delivery, and scheduling installation. All projects are completed by our network of vetted & licensed installers.

Our Products

Our proprietary technology stack powers every step of the process.

Optimized Workflows & Precise Documentation

Othello, our purpose-built health and home platform enables Occupational Therapists to conduct comprehensive and accurate evaluations.

  • Scan for 800+ home hazards
  • Capture robust SDOH data 
  • Collect detailed measurements 
  • Provide algorithmic recommendations
  • EHR & billing capabilities

The Roadmap to Unlocking Home Safety

Keys, our personalized client experience platform, summarizes findings, home risks, and safety recommendations to guide members towards safety and independence.

  • Promote patient choice
  • Provide education and clinical justification for recommendations
  • Configure benefits and plan coverage
  • Safely handle payments

Installer Management Orchestrated at Scale

Armstrong, our installer marketplace platform, ensures qualified local installers are vetted and continuously managed for quality and compliance.

  • Multi-modal screening process
  • Digital work orders interpret complicated clinical data to drive accuracy 
  • Instant verification of projects
    Feedback collection
  • Supply chain orchestration

Visibility Into Every Aspect of Your Organization

Hightower, our enterprise-grade platform, helps payers improve existing benefits and design new programs to meet their objectives.

  • Personalized analytics & reporting dashboards
  • White-labeled branding
  • Robust API support
  • SDoH data platform
  • HIPAA compliant & SOC2 certified

How We Integrate

We provide flexible solutions for plans of all types and sizes.

  • Benefit Admin Platform
  • Supplemental Benefits Programs
  • Care Management Programs
  • Transitions of Care
  • Fall Risk Reduction Programs
  • In-Home Data Capture & Reporting

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