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Motion Sensor LED Strip Lighting
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Motion Activated Kitchen Faucet
Sale price$119.99 USD
Heavy Duty Rug Tape
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Kitchen Frequently Asked Questions

For some, the kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore, making it as accessible and safe as possible is vital when improving home safety. There are several risks to be mindful of in the kitchen including any fire hazards, loose area rugs or difficulty reaching upper and lower cabinets.

Improving accessibility in the kitchen environment can be done through a variety of home modifications. Areas to address can include lower and upper kitchen cabinets, kitchen faucets, hard to reach areas of the refrigerator, unsafe stove tops and even limited visibility of appliance labels. 

There are many modifications designed to ensure you or a loved one stays safe when cooking in the kitchen. 

Top modifications to consider:

• Pull Down or Pull out Cabinets
• Automatic Stove Shut Off System
• Motion Activated Sink Faucets

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