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Transfer Chair (19")
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Parkinson’s Frequently Asked Questions

Many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can increase the risk of falling at home. It's important to notice if you or a loved one experiences any muscle tremors, slowed movement patterns, stiffness, impaired balance or shuffling gait. If so, there are a variety of home modifications that can make accessibility around the home possible, regardless of the progression or stage of the disease.

It is common for someone with Parkinson’s to have difficulty with walking and balance, often leading to what’s known as “shuffling gait”. This is when one drags their feet as they walk - increasing the likelihood of tripping on varying floor surfaces. To prevent any injuries from shuffling, be mindful of loose area rugs, uneven flooring or high door thresholds throughout the home.

Home modifications can be a wonderful solution for someone living with Parkinson’s. There are many options to improve safety at home and nearly every product can be tailored to specific needs and wants.

Top modifications to consider:

• Raised Toilet Seats
• Stair Lifts
• Lever Style Door Handles

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