bed rails and home safety

Bed Rails Significantly Improve Safety and Independence, Learn How

Many older adults worry about falling from the bed. Learn how bed rails can help.
shoes for parkinsons and floor safety
Fall Risks

Finding The Best Flooring and Shoes For Parkinson's

How properly flooring and adaptive shoes for Parkinson's can help your loved one.
smoke detector at home
Fire Risks

The Importance of Smoke Detectors for Older Adults

Smoke detectors are a must-have for any older adult who wants to safely age at home. Learn what to look for in finding and installing proper detectors.
home fire prevention techniques
Fire Risks

Home Fire Prevention and The Three Products Every Home Needs

Home fire prevention is important for everyone. Learn the products that keep you and your loved one's safe.
toilet seat risers in the bathroom

Arthritis Discomfort? Learn How Toilet Seat Risers Can Help

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safe step stools for reducing fall risk
Fall Risks

Storage Tips & Safe Step Stools to Reduce Fall Risk

Learn our top storage tips and what to know before purchasing a safe step stool.